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LNWA has developed approximately 10,000 affordable homes in 9 states and the District of Columbia that provide safe, decent living environments for senior citizens and families. In keeping with its core mission, LNWA and its affiliated companies, Renewal Housing Associates, LLC (RHA) and Rural Housing Preservation Associates, LLC (RHPA), have aggressively pursued the acquisition and preservation of more than 2,000 affordable apartments to ensure their long-term viability and affordability for low- and middle-income families and seniors. LNWA development and its affiliated companies seek to help revitalize our communities and serve as a prime example of the power of successful partnerships among public entities, private companies, and financial institutions.

LNWA’s team has the proven capacity to structure and secure the financial resources necessary to get deals done. In addition to traditional financing vehicles, our expertise in accessing and utilizing various state and federal housing and economic development resources helps us structure successful transactions.